DXT Compression producing pink artifacts

Has anyone ran into issues with DXT compression producing pink artifacts? I only just recently noticed this because I normally compress in all formats, but for quick, iterative testing I’ve been using DXT since it compresses the fastest. I’m now realizing there’s textures that have pink artifacts, but I don’t see it on my end because (I’m assuming) PlayCanvas is preferring ETC1+ETC2 textures since my comp supports it. Worried about how many devices that don’t support ETC and will see these pink artifacts on the DXT files.

Might be related to PNG compression pre-upload? Only guess at this point.

Type of texture map doesn’t seem to matter, below it’s on a lightmap. I’ve also seen it on a diffuse map.

These appear/disappear depending on the camera angle which is weird when it’s a lightmap or a diffuse map causing the artifacts.

I vaguely remember that I got similar artifacts sometime in the past with PNG textures. Not sure what the solution was, but encoding my textures with a different program eventually got those colored bars to disappear when texture compression kicked in.

Most likely BASIS compression will do a much better job here.

DXT (S3 compression) is usually supported on desktop computers only.

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Oh, interesting I’ll try messing with the files. Yeah, luckily with DXT I just have to think about desktop, but seems like it’s hard to know how many desktops will use DXT instead of ETC. But, after realizing the pink bars changed when I re-compressed I actually was able to at least fix one of the textures by uncompressing and recompressing it a bunch of times lol.


@Chris I have run into the same problems fairly regularly. And, your trick of un-compressing and then re-compressing seems to be the only work-around that I’ve seen. However, sometimes, the pink lines move from one mipmap to another, so you need to test with different camera distances even when you think it’s gone.