Draw calls of setting alpha values?

So as far as I understand it I have to create a new material for little sprite or object I want to fade in and out -
this means one additional drawcall per object, right? (So 10x for the meshes + 10x for the materials?)

Or do I still have one drawcall for as example 10 meshes, if I use the same texture but different materials?

Any way to make it working with using just one texture and one material on 10 meshes?



You would have 1 draw call per mesh instance. I wouldn’t worry about draw calls if we’re talking about like 10-20 of them.

@vaios a batching api that is in the works on github, will be publicly available to combine meshes on runtime and reduce draw calls?

Yes we just released that actually… We’ll do a proper announcement soon. You can check out docs here https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/optimization/batching/ .


Awesome! This will help a lot in large worlds.

That’s a great development @vaios but an example to make it also through code would be useful :slight_smile: