Drag multiple models into a scene at the same time

Hi there,
New User here,
I did a search and couldn’t find an answer to this.

Quick version:
How does one drag a whole lots of individually imported FBX models that form, say, a house, into a scene all at once?

TLRD explanation

We do Arch Viz and our internal tool exports multiple models so they can all be changed out on the fly in terms of textures and they can also be clicked on to highlight them as a surface.
I exported and imported a house model with out any issues. Trying to get them all into the scene with out dragging one by one is turning out to be a pain.
Is there a shortcut key to drag multiple models into a scene?

There is no feature to drag multiple models into scene, but we perhaps could look into that.

That would be great, our workflow is based on separate surfaces that are dynamically changed.
Working with a single FBX model in the scene isn’t impossible, if, like Unity, the FBX’s submodels could be worked with that would be great too. It seems they are high lighted, but not able to be selected dynamically.