Draco and webp support in the editor

Hello Team, I love playcanvas, you have been doing a fantastic job with the new updates, but something I would really appreaciate is webp and draco compression support so we can optimize the bundle size of games even more

thanks in advance!

Hi @mrkarate,

I think both are good suggestions and at some point we will see in the editor.

Draco compression can work with assets that you prepare on your own:

Here is the relevant editor feature request: https://github.com/playcanvas/editor/issues/206

For webp support I think the engine needs to support that first, you can try posting a request in the engine repo about that.

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Draco support is something we would like to get in for the Editor (see https://github.com/playcanvas/editor/issues/206) but

WebP is a bit trickier as there’s some discussion on whether we should support it as is or implement a fallback system where iOS 13 and below do not support it (either with a JS loader or using the PNG/JPEG variant).

In both cases, the current workaround is to process the published build where users have written scripts that have compressed the GLBs (and include Draco into the PlayCanvas project) and convert PNG/JPEG to WebP

I intend in the midterm to update PlayCanvas REST API tools to be able to do this for the reasons you mentioned above but if you would like to see some R&D around converting images to WebP, you can see in this branch here https://github.com/playcanvas/playcanvas-rest-api-tools/tree/webp-r-and-d on one-page.js (https://github.com/playcanvas/playcanvas-rest-api-tools/blob/webp-r-and-d/one-page.js)


Thanks a lot for your replies Leonidas and yaustar!

hope we can have the features in the editor soon. I didn’t know that iOS 13 don’t support webp, Maybe in one or two years, once iOS13 usage is lower, using webp will be safe.

Right now, according to Statista.com. by January 2022 iOS 13.X and lower is still being used by 7% of the population, and 7% is still too high

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