Downloading Project Files for testing

Hi, New to PlayCanvas. I am a college student and I want to implement my own controller using serial data inputted using node.js and Arduino. Is there any way I can download the project file so I can test the controller inputs?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately currently you cannot download project unless you are paying user. I know it sux, and I wish this would change.

But you can do this: Make a small node.js app, with serial controller working with it, and add websocket server to it. Then use playcanvas with websockets to connect to your local server. Once connected server simply streams through serial connection data or even “parsed” custom controller input to websocket client, so you get ready to use input data in your playcanvas app.

Hi thanks for that. We are using Noduino to connect with the Arduino. If you have any links for us to reference off that would be great. It is a pity you cant download the project file but if we can get it working through the websocket server it would be just as good.

Here is pretty much a place to start looking into this:
It’s pretty straight forward, there is loads of nodejs libraries to do websockets, and in web it is pretty simple as well.

So here is node module I recommend:
And vanilla WebSocket as simple as this:

Then you just exchange strings, you can JSON parse and stringify messages, so you exchanging JSON objects between server and client.

Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. I will try to put your advice to good use!

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