Downloaded build .zip not change if project changed

Hi, PC developers.

I have some problem with local downloaded version by .zip. For example, when I assemble a project into a zip file and download it, everything is fine, but when I change the project (scripts or scene) and build it again, the old version of the project is downloaded. When some time passes (5-10 minutes) and I build the project, then a modified version is going to. I don’t know what i’m doing wrong.


How are you testing the downloaded build? If you are running it locally can you make sure that you run the app with Cache disabled in your browser devtools? The previous version you downloaded might be cached by the browser?

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@top_player112 I’ve just tried to reproduce this issue and can’t seem to do so. Doing a diff between the two downloaded project files after making a small code change shows that the new changes are in the latest project.

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Thx. I disabled Cache in browser devtools and this problem was resolved! :grinning:

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