Download zip project with scripts in a specific folder?

When we download the zip project and we uncheck the “concatenate script” option, all the scripts are put in assets folder and in sub-folders with ID name (ie: assets\29687470\1\myScript.js). This make it difficult to find a script by browsing folders.

Is there a way to change this behavior and put all the scripts inside a script folder? I know that I can move them manually and edit the config.js file to change the path of each scripts, but I want to avoid doing that each time I rebuild and download the zip project.


Not without a lot of post processing work and not possible via the current pipeline. What is the reason for doing this? There’s probably a different solution here.

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When I export my projects, I may need to edit small chunk of codes to test and adjust some parameters on my own servers. That’s why I don’t export with concatenate until I’m done with it.

Ah, I’m afraid not much can be done about that with the current pipeline.

My only other suggestion is to use an editor that will allow you to go file like VSCode to paypass the need to navigate via folders.

What I usually do is filter (search) with the Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder using *.js on the assets folder. Copy paste them in a single folder, make changes and put them back the same way.

It would be great to have them on a single folder from start, but I can understand scripts being assets this isn’t an easy change.

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I also used the search for moving them all, but do you mean I can search all again and drop all the modified files on top of the search window to overwrite them? I didn’t know that was possible :slight_smile: Nice trick.