Download Youtube thumbnail CORS work around?

I am currently getting CORS blocked from youtube when I want to get the thumbnail
Is there any way to get past this in our playcanvas editor?

Hey @Joshua_Blow, the CORS issue is to do with YouTube itself, and not the PlayCanvas editor. Refer to this article to see how you can work around CORS -

Check this article to see how you can get the thumbnail from a video -

The corsheroku way I run into a limit issue. I will have to give the other way a shot maybe, just have to port it to javascript

So on the network tab its at 206 which seems to be partial content

Just an addition @Joshua_Blow, YouTube does have an official API for this - As long as you have a valid key, this should work for your case.

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have tried it with a no CORS proxy, but thats only workign the editor and not in a launched build …
CORS - work around

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