Download source code and edit on local

Hello friends, I hope you are well. I have some doubts. Is it possible to download the code of a project and edit it locally and synchronize it with a project in my account? through a commit or something similar. what I intend to do is share information through a website with the playcanvas project and in this way update a preview with the 3d objects. the other question is if there is a possibility to use the advantages of emma script 6 such as import, export in playcanvas scripts. and the last one is how I do so that in a 2d interface I can place html code and that these elements can be used with Javascript. But that is inside the canvas.

Thanks You.

Hi @Jesus_Uzcategui and welcome,

You can use the following node module to easily sync your local codebase with your PlayCanvas project:

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Anything you can do in the browser, you can do in PlayCanvas. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, I will review this node. On the other hand, I am wondering if it is possible to enter html elements on a 2d screen?

For a moment I thought that playcanvas compiled using Babel, and could use require / import / export but apparently not since the browser does not support it yet. Thanks a lot.

Not yet, that is a consideration for feature so developers can compile to ES5. Right now, it’s just concatenation and minification with terser.

No a 2D screen can only hold pc.ElementComponent entities.

Of course you can add HTML in Playcanvas using Javascript and HTML/CSS assets.

You can find some examples here:

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