Downgrading my plan


I have an organization plan so that I can do work for a client. Currently I’m not doing any work for this client but would like to keep all of the projects that I have under the organization. Because I’m not currently an active user, I would like to switch to a personal plan for $15 per month instead of paying $50 a month for the organization plan.

Please advise me on how I can make this transition without losing the projects that I’ve posted.


You will never lose your projects if you unsubscribe from a plan. Those project simply become locked if they are set to private. They can be accessed again by resubscribing to the Organization plan or by making them public.

However, you could also, for example:

  1. Upgrade your user account to the Personal plan.
  2. Transfer your Organization’s projects to be owned by your user account.
  3. Downgrade your Organization to the free tier.