Double Tap Issue iOS

I’m having issues with this example on iOS

The behaviour is just unexpected. I don’t know why. On all my Android devices double tap is registered as expected using that method/snippet, but several users report issues on iPhones and iPad, with inconsistent amount of taps needed to trigger the code.

Anyone at the Playcanvas team can review that example with multiple devices? Is anything wrong on safari’s side? I myself can’t test due to lack of an iOS device.

Thanks in advance.

There’s nothing there that is device specific :thinking: Is it iPhones, iPads or both?

I was able to test it right now on an iPhone XR (latest iOS) and on an older iPad mini 2 (iOS 12.2) and double tapping seems to be consistent.

Are your users reporting issues based on this example or on your specific project?

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On my iPhone X running iOS 13.3.1, it also works fine as far as I can tell.


Please check that video (not me but a friendly user :D)
Running iOS 13.4.1

I don’t have access to an iOS device yet. Can your users try with this variant (no iframe, full screen)

It seems to work with 3 quick taps, but not two… weird.
At least they tell me that it is consistent with 3 quick taps. Two taps still doesnt work.

iOS might interpret a double tap to be something else?

I had exactly the same problem (double taps work on Android but does not work on some iOS devices). The problem is in Playcanvas because if you use classic HTML5 events “touchstart” and “touchend” ( everything will work fine. There is also another problem with Playcanvas touch events on Android: you receive pc.EVENT_TOUCHEND after a second or two after pc.EVENT_TOUCHSTART even if your finger is still on the screen.


That’s interesting :thinking: I don’t suppose you have any repro projects for this? I would like to log them in the engine bug list.

My game is using almost the same code as the example project, and it fails in the same way as seen in the video.

I’m getting an iOS device from work (hopefully soon) so I would like to come back to this @dbhvk and @NokFrt. Repro projects, any extra information reproduction steps, etc would be really greatly appreciated.

Hay @dbhvk!

Maybe your friend can use this test that I made to check his input.

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3 taps === double tap

Strange. May I ask which Iphone your friend is using? Are there more people with this problem?

The first iPad that supported the Pen (was it The New iPad?) and an iPhone 11.

All running the latest iOS 13.4.1

So not necessarily old devices either. Hopefully the PlayCanvas Team can find out the cause.

Any news @yaustar ?

Still waiting on an iOS device. Might take a while as we are in lockdown. Unless I can simulate on Mac OS :thinking:

Unfortunately, the only iOS device I personally own is an iPad 1.

Is there any way another Playcanvas dev can help with this?
It’s a bleeding edge input bug on a mainstream OS :frowning:

I tried to walkaround it by using native browser events, but got unexpected behaviour. We need to figure out some sort of damage control strategy here.

On my side I did the best I could by providing videos and testing on multiple iOS devices. I expect your company to rise to the occasion.