Double-sided plane?

Any suggestion as to how one might go about creating a two-sided plane in PlayCanvas? I’ve brought a transparent PNG into the editor and would like to display the reverse on the back-surface, but I can’t find any setting within either the plane or the applied material to set this.

Check out the material properties for the material that you’ve assigned to the plane.

At the bottom in Other there is a property called Cull mode which determines if front-faces, back-faces or no faces are culled.

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Brilliant. Thank you. For some reason I simply ignored the whole ‘other’ panel. :slight_smile:

Or in video form:


Remember that normals on a plane, are still facing one side. So if you have light or shadow affecting that plane, it will look totally weird from other side.

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Yeah, good point @max. If that was an issue, I’d duplicate the plane, and rotate it 180 degrees around the Y axis (keeping backface culling on both planes). I wonder whether a pc.LIGHTING_TWOSIDE type of enum is worth considering as a feature request. What do you think, @Mr_F?

Two-sided normals are possible, doesn’t sound too hard. You actually can currently use a shader chunk to patch it (replacing fragment shader normal calculation with a new one using gl_FrontFacing)

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