Door frames and other models

there should be an easier way to make door frames because its really annoying having to add three boxes to make a door frame especially when i have a material on it so i have to make is so it matches up can you guys make a new model or something like that @yaustar and the rest of the playcanvas team

because this took 1 hour to make and it still looks trash

usually you can model meshs like what you suggest in 3d studio max, Maya, Blender or similar package, or download them from some online model libraries (example: ), and import them into play canvas Editor instead of creating them with boxes and similar base shapes.

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well im using chromebook so i cant use blender and all of that unfortunately but it’s alright idrc anymore it’ll be annoying making a door frame but so what

You don’t necessarily need to build 3D models yourself. You can find lots of sources of high quality models around the web. For example:

Just use Google to hunt for them.

can i find models for doors some props and other things on there if i can it’s worth checking out

now once i downloaded something how would i implement it do i just upload it

Hi @EhsaanAKhan,

If what you have downloaded is an .fbx model, then yes, go ahead and drag and drop it in your assets folder. A model asset will be automatically created, which you can use in your scene.

it says .fbx but it’s a zip

and when i upload it, it’s not a model just some script i guess idrk

A zip is a compressed file container format. You can either decompress it (unzip it) or open the zip file and copy the compressed files out of it.

i really dont get what im supposed to do like how is it gonna become a .fbx file since i’ll need that

A ZIP file is used to make files more compact and to limit the size. Think of it as a sheet of paper that you can fold together to put in your pocket. You have to unfold it if you want to read the text on the paper. So your FBX file is inside the ZIP file. You have to use a program that can read a ZIP file to acces your FBX file.