DOOM Arachnoid that you can control!

Here is the Game that needed A lot of people to help me! it is just a demo, but practice on this guy for a while, and you will get the hang of it.

This game only took me 14 hours to make (6 days of searching and making code, and 1 day to make models).
Edit: I forgot the form on how to play:

Well done! :ok_hand:

Maybe you can share it here as well, because I don’t have access to the document.

  • Hold Q down to shoot
  • WS to move gun up and down
  • AD to move gun left and right
  • TG to move head up and down
  • FH to move head left to right
  • RY to twist head
  • IK to move legs backwards/forwards
  • JL to move legs up and down
  • UO to move legs back to original position

This is how to move the DOOM spider. Models made by me. Ground made using PlayCanvas flooring. No animations were used.

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Alright, but the character is unable to actually move forward?

Yes, It is just a demo. The movement is very complicated, so it has to wait. Once the game is finished, it will move, shoot, and move its mouth.

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