Does the UI render once per frame?

Does the UI layer render at the same rate as the general update?

I’m using the ‘follow-world-target.js’ script, in combination with a moving camera, and I’m seeing quite laggy/choppy behavior if the camera is moving.

I’ve tried increasing the resolution of the ‘screen’ element, changing script loading orders, and modifying to script to operate in ‘update’ (instead of ‘postUpdate’)…all without any change in behavior.

My current theory is that the UI layer renders at about 10 FPS.

Hi @Cain_Quigley,

I am fairly certain that the UI layer is updated at the same interval as the other layers.

How are you updating your camera? Try moving your camera translation update to the postUpdate() method.

Not sure if that’s the problem here, if you can share a sample project we can take a look.