Does the rigidbody auto translate/rotate with the model?

Hello, I am using the rigidbody system like this way:

// initialize
this.entity.addComponent('collision', {
  type: 'mesh',
  model: this.entity.model.model

I found that when the model translate / rotate (or setPosition or setEulerAngles directly), the rigidbody seems stand still. I need to use this.entity.rigidbody.teleport(position, eulerAngles) to move it.

Am I doing it in correct way ?

To move an Entity that has a rigidbody use teleport:

So is that mean I need to move the rigidbody manually when I move the model ?

You only move the rigidbody using teleport and that also moves the model attached to the same Entity. When an Entity has a rigidbody then its position, orientation should only by changed via the rigidbody.

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Oh, I see, thanks for your reply.