Does the engine render every triangle/part of the big terrain?

Hi all,
I have a question. Let’s say we have a single huge terrain (some .glb file or generated via heightmap) and a character in it. The character is not able to see the whole terrain, it just sees a small portion of the terrain at a time - and it can walk on it (imagine some MMORPG and character discovering the map). The question is; does the engine optimize the rendering and only render triangles of the terrain that the character (camera) can see?

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PlayCanvas should be able to render it correctly but you have to expect some lag in the rendering process.

Hi @Ertugrul_Cetin,

No the engine only does frustum culling based on the model AABB. It will not cull on the triangle level. That means your huge open world terrain will still render even if only a small portion is visible.

Usually for a big open world terrain you will split it up in tiles/chunks. So the terrain model will be rendered as smaller terrain models. There the PlayCanvas engine can successfully do frustum culling.

This old post showcases such a system, sadly the project isn’t available anymore: