Does Playcanvas support GPU skinning

Hi all,

Is GPU skinning a thing in Playcanvas?
I can’t find anything in the docs or tutorials - but I did find some references inside the engine (updateGPUSKinMatrices or something - from the top of my head as I dont have it in front of me).

Just wondering if it is available? Is it automatic? Limitations? etc.



@Mr_F this sounds like something up your alley :slight_smile:

I was using a monkeypatched batchmanager - so my findings might have been incorrect initially.
After I turned it off I saw calls to both updateGPUSKinMatrices and to the CPU variant as well.
Nevertheless, I am still in the dark how this works. Does it do both? Any insights?

Yes, by default our skinned animation uses GPU path. This requires certain hardware, but it’s available on most modern desktops/phones.

Thanks for the info!