Does playcanvas editor support morph model with animation by json

I know that playcanvas well support morph by glb. And I want to know whether the json model support morph?
I upload a simple fbx with two morph targets, in editor can not extract the animation data (both json and glb)

There is the file: cube_morph2.fbx - Google Drive

The source code seems to suggest it should, but I’ve never tried, so cannot comment on that.

But importing fbx with morph targets into glb should work well. Just not sure about the json format.

My example fbx , editor did not well converted.Can you have a check? Thanks

We have this project that imports fbx with morph and animates it, have a look how it’s set up:

Perhaps inspect fbx in your tool to see how that is set up as well.

Thanks! It is a nice project.But it does not contain any morphs.It is a skeleton object.Is there a morph example just like what you have shown.

Thanks again !!

Ah is that using just the skinning?

I’m not sure if there’s another example for morph like this. There’s one that is not using the Editor and loads the glb directly here: PlayCanvas Examples

I have seen this example before.But I want is that using morph with model json example.
And Can you figure out why this file cube_morph2.fbx - Google Drive miss animation converted by editor?