Does animation speed affect performance?

Hi there, I’m reading several previous posts about optimization and animations. I have 2 questions;

  1. If I change animation.speed 1 to 0.5, does this have a good effect on performance (like playing animations slowly for characters that far away)

  2. If I set custom AABB for all characters and some of these characters are not in the frustum - does the engine still update bones for all of the characters and do the heavy calculation?

  1. that makes no difference on performance at all
  2. the animations are evaluated even for characters that are off-screen (we have a ticket to change that), but the bones are not updated and uploaded to GPU so you save some performance here. Also, because you provide AABB, we can skip aabb calculation based on the skeleton, which is not super cheap either.

@mvaligursky Thanks for the info! Do you have any other optimization suggestions for 100 animated characters in combat (not all visible at the same time but still could happen) - I know LOD can be one thing but are there any strategies, or technical tricks that you can think of?

Depends on how much time you have :wink:
I’ve done a variation of this in the past, and could render 10k character on mobile at 30fps

It took only few days to implement.

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I got plenty of time :smiley: Thank you so much!