Do you prefer written tutorials or videos?

Would you prefer a video tutorial or a written one?

Context: I’m creating tutorials and want to get an idea where the time is best spent?

Here’s an example of both: Importing your first Model and Animation | Learn PlayCanvas

  • Video
  • Text
  • Either

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Hello yaustar

Thanks for taking the time making tutorials for us, video tutorials would be very cool but text is also good too.

If you need any ideas for tutorials I think tutorials for using the state graph and linking animations together like (running, walking, jumping, reloading, crouching etc) would be really popular.

and also video tutorials on networking with websockets and creating authoritative game servers with physics for an fps game on Playcanvas (with client prediction, interpolation) I think would also be very popular and running animations on the backend.


I was thinking about doing a more ‘advanced’ state graph tutorial that makes use of layers as well :thinking: probably based on the third person character

This one less so. Purely because a lot of that logic is not PlayCanvas specific so we arguably wouldn’t be teaching anything new about PlayCanvas.

As a side note, you may want to look at GitHub - meta-space-org/playnetwork: Multiplayer server for writing your PlayCanvas based project with authoritative logic, running PlayCanvas engine on the back-end. which is a solution to running the PlayCanvas engine on the backend


I think whichever one would be quickest for you would be best. Documentation on PlayCanvas is fantastic but there are so many situations I’ve encountered in PlayCanvas that have very little info online since PlayCanvas so often blurs the line between game and web dev in pretty niche ways.

One other thing to note… I think videos are undeniably better for beginners since so much more visual info is communicated (like how to navigate the ui etc…) so if you are targeting beginners, videos are probably the best route.

I think intermediate level and up though benefits more from text based since you can find what you are looking for much quicker.

A bit of a ramble. Looking forward to whatever you put out :+1: