Do you nneed to know code to maake a game in playcan


So i am marquise and iim 15 yrs old and I wannt to make a game I know alot of html5 and html and I know some css andonly somee of jjavascript.But I wantt to make a simplle ame buut dont how.Can someone let mme kknow how to

look at my simple platformer or one of the tutorials there’s plenty things here to help u learn just look


Look at code examples, example projects and more code.

Try to start small and to get an understanding for how to do certain things like moving an object, or playing an animation.


but where can i know to find code?? I know how to animate an object ths easy.


Examples of complete games can be found here


i already say that from when i was looking up tortials


Easy look at the tutorials seriously not that hard all the tutorials have lots of code for examples just look at them and thier projects


um thnx i guess and btw arent you the one making tht battle royale game


Yep also for learning Java script and html
Use Khan academy


um I would prefer