Do you go GDC 2016?

… I can’t. :cry:

I heard that some of PlayCanvas team will go there. Is that sure ?

It’s a bit far from Italy, i guess i will not go lol

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We (PlayCanvas) will have some people at GDC. We’ll have a stand on the main Expo floor and also will be available for meetings with anyone who wants to discuss their projects.

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I miss not meeting you .
But my projects’s status will not permit go there.
I have to finish 4 products made by PlayCanvas umtil end of March.
If I finish, I wanna introduce you them.

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Unfortunately I will be transferred from US subsidiaries to headquarters in Japan on 3/12/2016. It is unfortunate that I will not be able to join GDC this year. I hope we will be able to meet in future!

Shame to just miss you!

@dave will some of you come CEDEC2016 in Japan ?

I don’t think anyone from the team here in the UK will be going. But we have a Japanese partner who might be there.

@dave Thank you for reply.
Now I have connection to the partner. we have a meeting sometimes.

Great, you are already are connected to GMO Cloud? Otherwise I can introduce you.


Thank you, dave.
Yes, I have meetings with GMO cloud sometimes.
And I have met nakata0705 at this January. :slight_smile: