Do I need to keep the fbx, tga, obj once the 3d model is converted to playcanvas format?

so I have exported many of unity assets to playcanvas and I am wondering if I need to keep those old fbx and obj and tga files? or can I remove them and save some resource space and probably improve performance

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Hi @sir_akc,

That’s correct, those files aren’t required by the editor or your project to properly launch. They are kept only for backup keeping and in case you would like for some reason to easily reimport the asset.

You can safely remove them if you choose so.

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that is good news

hey I lost one of my file while deleteing tga files, is there a way to get them back?

No, if an asset has been deleted you can’t undo that unless you’ve created a checkpoint in between.

You will have to upload the original file again.

there was a file called startGame.js and it has the tag tga in it because star-tga-me and the system deleted that file including other tga files

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Be careful when deleting asset files, to not accidentally remove something you actually need.

I did create a checkpoint in between, how do I get only the startGame.js file?

Study carefully the Version Control section on the user manual, on how to go back/forth between different checkpoints:

If you go to a previous checkpoint, make sure to check the option to create a checkpoint of your current state, to not lose anything else.