Do entity states not get re-flexed in the editor during play?

Hello all,

Coming from Unity here and wanted to know if the following is possible or am I simply missing something.

In Unity when you launch the game in the editor you can see the game running in the Screen View and that states of Game Objects are updated in the editor while playing.

Does this feature exist in PlayCanvas?



Unfortunately not. You can ‘push’ attributes/create new entities and they will be updated in the game view. You can also have hot reloading of scripts:

Thanks for the fast response.

Its shame as it such a useful feature. Has it ever been formally requested?

It’s been requested but I think it’s not a high priority given the amount of work it would need.

I think because there are a number of ways to get access to the game objects when the scene is running (e.g using the browser console to find objects and inspect), the net benefit doesn’t seem to be high?

The most logic that I had to implement was to print out the hierarchy if I’ve been creating new entities at runtime.