Display problems on mobile

If i display a build on my iPhone X with iOS 13.3 then the screen is complete black.
If i display the editor version i get a couple of shader errors.

I don’t know what i can do about it, so does someone know how to solve this problems?

Hi @Albertos,

I can see in the screengrabs that there is a shader compilation error.

Is it possible to share a url to take a look?

Hello @Leonidas,
Can you use a build link?

I’ve tested it a number of devices (desktop/mobile), including an iPhone XR (iOS 13.3.1).

In Android/Win devices it’s working correctly, on iPhone it doesn’t throw an error but the floor/level materials are black. I can see the Player/Enemy models.

Maybe you are using some WebGL2 feature in your materials/effects? iPhone runs on WebGL1, so that will break rendering if it’s the case. You can force your Launch window to use WebGL1 on your dev machine to debug the issue:


The floor material is just a simple matetrial with a texture. Also without the texture the problems still exist. In a previous build (almost) everything works normal. I can’t remeber i make i change in the floor material so what else can cause this problem?

I can’t add you to project anymore because you are a free user?
I make the project public so you can take a look by yourself.


The error I am getting is in a Material program trying to compile:

ERROR: Too many uniforms

This is failing on iOS specifically, which indeed has low limits for the max fragment/vertex arguments. I wasn’t able to find what exact combination of lighting/material settings produces this issue.

I’d say try posting a bug issue on the engine repo. Even if it’s not a direct bug in the engine it makes sense to find a way for the engine to report this when it happens. And you may get unblocked on what exactly causes this in your project.

I will try to find out what the problem produces because i don’t know how to use the engine repo.

Thanks for your time @Leonidas!

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Sure! You basically create a GitHub account if you don’t have already and then you go to the following page and raise an issue (Create Issue).

Providing as much details as possible to help people reproduce it:

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I have discovered that the problem is in a spotlight with cookie. If I delete the cookie texture from the spotlight, the problem is gone. I use this spotlight on every enemy and the player. If i use it on only the player then the problem is gone too.