Display issues with certain fonts

I’m having issues with certain Google fonts. Here is an example with Catamaran SemiBold, Extra Bold and Black. I’ve deliberately picked some of the most troublesome characters.

As per the PlayCanvas docs, I have increased the font intensity which helps a little but it does create some new artifacts which don’t appear when intensity is set to 0.0.

A similar issue was discussed a year ago and it was mentioned that this issue is “a limitation of the MSDF technique…” It looks like this pull request contained one potential solution but due to mobile compatibility, it didn’t make it into the current PlayCanvas engine.

I’m wondering if the simplest solution at this point is to simply pick a different font?

Update: I’ve tested about a dozen other Google fonts and despite a few minor anomalies, none of them have any major display issues. I’m just going to switch fonts.


I’ve heard fontforge tool may be able to fix up some fonts before import so it might worth a go.