☑ Disconnected. Reconnecting in # Seconds

Hey Folks

So yesterday the Playcanvas editor was working fine, but today when I try to go back and edit some projects, I keep getting the same messages over and over about me being disconnected, and trying to reconnect numerous times.

I tried Playcanvas editor on multiple machines, different platforms, but I am still getting an error. Is this an error on my end? or the servers acting up?

Many thanks,
Richard Curtis

Hi Richard,

Something looks a bit weird with your address bar. Why is the https in red?

Hmm, thats strange, I’ve just noticed that now, Maybe that seems to the be root of the problem with all this?

Had a quick look and it seems that my work VPN was messing everything ups! so when I have the red HTTPS sign, then its not going to work!

You can tell that I have next to nothing technical knowledge, but the issue seems to resolve itself, if its green HTTPS, then we are golden!

Check your system date. Certificates related with it.