Disappearing Glass issue. Sorting or mesh problem, not sure

Not sure if this is a model issue or a sorting issue

The I have transparent glass railings and they sit over windows, the glass completely disappears around the front of the building and shows when you go around the back.
This same material setup worked fine in another project and this setup works fine in the editor, but when I launch or do a build, it starts getting messed up

Have a similar problem… I have two planes a shadow plane with alpha map on top of a ground map with alpha. At certain angles an area of the ground map covered by the shadow map geometry disappears. This does not occur if there is no opacity value in the shadow map material.


This happens because these entities are thin and packed together, so the engine can’t do alpha blending / sorting properly at extreme angles.

Check this for possible solutions:

You can also use layers to specify an exact rendering order: