Disable Texture POT by default

Hey guys,

I would like to put it forward to the Playcanvas team that the Texture POT option be disabled by default when we create a new project, this causes issues for beginners as they dont know why there texture is not showing crisp on the UI. I always disable this option when creating a new project but still I forget it sometimes :smiley:

Open to discussion regarding this.

What is a pot? :slight_smile:


This option in the settings, it means Texture Power of Two, and it converts ANY texture which is imported in the playcanvas to the nearest power of two i.e 128x128…1024x1024 etc so if you have a image of arbitrary size like 345x455 it will be converted when you import that texture in the editor if this option is enabled, I always disable this option before bringing in my textures.

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Thank you for clarifying!
Well, I think keeping it at a default ON is as valid as keeping it OFF :slight_smile: Probably, to ones own purpose.

From the documentation:


By default, imported images will be resized to the nearest power of two. For example, an image that is 323x414 will be resized to 256x512 on import. This is done because the graphics engine cannot utilize mipmapping with non-power of two textures.

That said, maybe a warning that comes up to tell the user that the uploaded texture is not POT and will be converted would be useful.

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I like the idea with a warning (and a tick not to show again). I think it would improve the user experience if the editor would notify the user it is about to do some modifications on the provided assets.

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I totally agree with you actually. Can you create an issue here please:

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