Disable mouse pointer in VR?

Hello friends, the title summarizes the whole problem, I am working on a prototype game vr where you can move with the mouse, but the cursor appears on the scene, I tried to change the pointer with some css and it works perfect (outside of vr), but at Entering vr I am seeing the mouse interfering in one of my eyes.

I haven’t had the chance to play with VR much but have you tried tinkering with:


I know it can be used in a browser when clicking on the canvas, just look up first person movement in the tutorials. I wonder if you can call it inside an event like:

//Fired when an VR display is connected
this.app.vr.on("displayconnect", function (display) {

Thank you for answering this topic. I’m not sure that’s enough, I played the first person movement of playcanvas and the pointer does not disappear after the ‘mousedown’ event when I am trying on my mobile

Which platform and headset combo? PC and Rift?

I’m trying play in a smartphone with a bluetooth mouse

This sounds more of an Android or Android Chrome problem that’s not fixable from the Polyfill/PlayCanvas side? Worth looking into options to hide the mouse pointer on Android Chrome (if it’s possible)?

I agree with yaustar from what I can see is there is only one way to hide the mouse pointer and that is with the pointerlock function that sends instructions to the browser. I suggest you look at the WebVR Lab example. I’ve perused the code in the example and there is no other function that I can see that would disable the cursor other than the pointerlock one. I suggest maybe take a look at the WebVR Lab example with your mouse to see if that example hides the cursor for you, if not then that should tell you that it may be an OS/browser issue on your particular device.