Direct script link no longer working

A few months ago I used this link to directly access a JavaScript file that existed in one of my separate projects:

var name = //name of the js file
var id = //id of the file as displayed in the Code Editor
var url = "" + name + "?id=" + id;

It worked at the time, but now whenever I use that link to access any PlayCanvas JavaScript file whatsoever, it returns {"error":"Internal server error"} in the browser and refuses to load. Has this function been deprecated, or is it an error as the message states?

How were you using this code snippet? Can you provide an example project?

Can I ask also why you are accessing JS files this way as well?

I have a project dedicated to providing a framework for other projects. I access the JS files from the original project so I won’t have to copy and paste each script. Here is a project that uses this method:


This should now be fixed. Thanks for reporting! Let us know if you’re still having issues.