Different rendering result on A12 GPU devices

Hi everyone,
Recently I have found an issue that a physical-based material has different visual effects on devices with A12 (or A12X) gpu comparing to others (A11 or older).

A11 gpu (iPhone X) screentshot:

A12 gpu (iPhone XR) screentshot:

As you can see the behavior of material is significantly different, it seems like on A12 gpu the material has a higher matelness/glossiness.

Does anyone has the same issue?


Two more screenshots:

A11 GPU (iPhone X):

A12 GPU (iPhone XR)

On A12 device we can see an obvious boundary line on the surface.

Material setting:

Nothing special, just use physical material with matelness/glossiness workflow, and all the rest settings are default.

The boundary line might be related to this issue? https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/issues/1464

I think you are correct, thank you. It seems like this problem cannot be solved in the near future. Anyway thanks for your help

Sorry :frowning: Did you try any of the workaround suggested in the thread?

Um not yet, my temp solution is to detect gpu manually and adjust params by decreasing metalness and glossiness. Somehow it will give me a acceptable visual result.

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