Different Multiplayer

Is it possible to make a multiplayer like in Robostorm?

Well if you mean robostorm.io, it was made in PlayCanvas, so yes it’s possible.


and also tanx.io is similar.


Do you all know a way to do so?

maybe this would be a good start

run the project that is referenced from there (https://playcanvas.com/project/406048/overview/tutorial-realtime-multiplayer) in two tabs at the same time, and move player using ASDW keys … and you can see it replicated in the other tab. The other tab can be on different computer too.


Well, when i do that, you cant see or receive the other players actions, so if they are holding an object for example, you won’t see that, i need to be able to see other players actions and stuff like that for an FPS.

You can do that, but you will have to write code for that. You need to send a message to all connected players for each action you would like to be networked.

The multiplayer tutorial posted above even though simple enough, it demonstrates perfectly that mechanism. Study it and expand on that.