Difference on IOS and android

hey evetyone,
i made a couple of builds and weirdly enough it seems that theyre running better on android than iphone. i dont know if this is a coincidence or if there is something about it ?

Performance on mobile can vary a lot between different devices. I wouldn’t say that iOS is slower than android, I haven’t noticed something like this myself. And definitely try comparing similar iPhones -> Android phones (same year / same specs).

Screen resolution usually is a factor that affects performance since it can vary a lot between different devices (non retina -> retina etc). And also realtime shadows have a big performance overhead on most mobile devices.

Try running the Playcanvas profiler to see the different metrics of your scene (draw calls, polycount, frame rate) and how they affect gameplay.

thanks for super quick reply!

how do I run the playcanvas performance?

just a quick sidequestion, what should the usual size nowadays be for a project containing 3d graphics for mobile/tablet devices?

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To run the Playcanvas profiler select it on the launch button drop down:


And then you will see something like this in your game: