Difference in size animated model

The tutorial project Third Person Controller uses animations from Mixamo. I try to import an extra animation also from Mixamo, but when I play this animation the model gets bigger. I’m wondering if the default animations have been scaled down in Blender before being added to the project. Unfortunately the FBX files that are needed to figure out the difference with Blender are not present in the project. Who knows more about this?

Default animation:

Extra animation:

Hi @Albertos ,

I am not sure what the default model for this example uses as base scale. But one way to solve this is to upload the model.fbx included in the example project to mixamo and re-export all the required animations plus the ones.

This way all animations will use the same scale, that of the model.

That’s a good idea! Thank you @Leonidas!

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Actually no need to upload it, this is a default character included in the mixamo Characters collection. You can use it directly.

I’ve recently updated this project to use the render component/asset workflow and the anim graph.

It’s not merged yet as I was waiting on the import hierarchy to be fully launched.

The updated version has the FBXs used from mixamo.

I’m happy to merge that branch to master if you want to take a look?

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Yes, that could be useful.

Done: Third Person Controller | Learn PlayCanvas