Difference between two projects - Refraction

I cannot debug this project https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/927055 in regards to make the refraction work.
It works on this (forked from your ressources): https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/927015

  • so was there anything special about that pre-forked version? Did it use some old deprecated scripts*?
    (btw; I have gone through it all; tags, scripts and layers -> everything should be the same)

*) Alteration of post: by that meaning/including backbone codebase ->> as part of earlier github-version of PlayCanvas (partially or full etc.)

(not much activity (on top at least … some have been looking though))
Guess we are not in the usual territories, but in the meantime; is it related to topics like this at github:

Hard for me to elaborate upon … the links are for starters gone (and I am not in the business of having skills-or-time to improve PC-at-githublevel myself :-/ ) … hope to get a direction from you guys soon :slight_smile:

Did you manage to fix it? I just clicked on your project and it looks correct? https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/927055

Yes, that is from the project I wish to build ‘from bottom up’.
Here is how it is suppose to look like (taken from the forked project):

  • notice how the blue box (placed behind) is being included as part of the rendertarget upon the glass and sphere.

Notice the ‘Refraction Glass’ material here as well:

  • it is as if this material is made with ‘help from the forked project’ (build with an earlier version of PC)

Here is how the ‘Refraction Glass’ material looks if ‘build from bottom’ in the new project (no matter what). I also checked prefilter on cubemap as well as script loading order (no change).


Sad (but also annoying for everyone else), if one has to biuld from the forked project every time :-/
{did it once, but I now I need to put it inside an old large project, that will take ages to rebuild}

[PS: Just in case you haven’t seen/read it yet - for during debug … one has to launch it in order to observe the effect]

You could try to download both projects (you get a zip) - that should allow you to compare it using some diff tools and perhaps find a difference.

I get the approach, and have been using it in other cases. Issue is still that the specific approach is ‘code based’ - whereas the real problem resides within ‘how to build the render targeted material’ in the original project (and that seem to have been done manually, by author, in the editor before any launches, and without any coding :-/ )

When you download a project, you get source code but also the scene in json format and all asset properties in json format. By comparing, you should see all changes, those done in code as well as those done in Editor. These should be nothing hidden from you.

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will try

Hi - struggling with finding some refraction as well…

Seems like none of the old refraction tuts/examples out there works anymore…

Also this github says: [aidinabedi] deleted the aidinabedi:feature/canvas-grab-tex branch [on 21 Aug 2019]

Maybe thats whats wrong?

There’s this one perhaps?

Not a refraction exactly … but similar effect.

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