Diamond Texture Not Working

i am creating a diamond but may diamond to look like diamond any one help me please

There are a few threads on diamonds. This one from Leonidas may help Brilliant material

Sir I use every thing but my model is not working perfectly can you please how I design model for diamond for playcanvas?

please sir

Hi @Jack! If you share a link of your project someone can take a look at the material of your diamond.



I compared your project with some other project that I found. I don’t see you use the outside material somewhere.

i made two diamond one inner and one for outside can please share link other project @Albertos

It’s the project that you forked.

In the forked project there are three parts of which you are missing the first part.



Not quite, it is provided with the cube map below.


@Albertos can you fix this ?

Your ‘newtest’ entity has a disabled child. If you enable the child, does that entity not give the result you try to achieve?

@Albertos NEW IS another object sir

@Albertos I WANT TO know I want to design my model

It’s a complex set up, because everything has to match with each other. I don’t understand what your current problem exactly is, so I hope someone else can assist you with it.

I’m not sure what the question is here. There are two model diamonds in the scene with a two completely different setups. If you want one to look like the other, use the same setup.

If it’s how to do a diamond like effect in general, the thread linked earlier goes through pretty in depth on how to do so: Brilliant material