Devices with multiple GPUs - request use of the most powerful?


As mentioned in this Playcanvas Doc, laptops, especially those meant for gaming, often has multiple GPUs, most commonly an integrated on the motherboard/CPU and one extra more powerful one that is used for more demanding software, like games.

Since PlayCanvas is running in the browser, most users with these kind of units will default to using the lower powered integrated GPU, thus giving significant less performance than what the hardware rly has to offer, and what the user would probably expect.

Is there any way to ask the computer nicely to switch to its extra, more powerful GPU, when running PlayCanvas? I know other software seems to be able to do this…

Oh, and I’ve hear say WebGPU should be able to take better use of the available graphics resources… does that entail accessing the more powerful GPU?
(From what testing I’ve done so far it does not rly seem so, not yet at least.)

In the Editor projects, in Settings->Rendering, there’s a Power Preference option, that defaults to High Performance. So this is a hint we pass to the browser that we want the better GPU in case of multi-GPU systems. But this is not guaranteed, and some browsers ignore it completely.

WebGPU uses the same value for the same purpose, but again, it’s just a hint.

That’s the best we can do at the moment.

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Hm… IC
I mean, that’s pretty much what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Do you know which browsers it typically does and doesen’t work on?
When I run PlayCanvas projects with Chrome on my fairly new Windows laptop with Nividia graphics card, it does not seem to care at all about the request for better GPU.

No idea, but most browsers most likely ignore it.
I know they were adding this for older Macs that were using intel + nvidia, but these days they’re on apple chips so no longer applicable.

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