"devicemotion" Event and fullscreen issue on iOS safari


I have 2 question about PlayCanvas WebGL application and iOS.

  1. Can not use “devicemotion” Event on iPhone 7 plus
    I made “unity-chan vr” project for mobile.
    This project use mobile acceleration sensor with “devicemotion” Event.
    (Project url : https://playcanvas.com/project/429929/overview/unitychan-vr)
    Running this project with iPhone 5s, it works without problem,
    But iPhone 7 plus,it can’t works.

  2. Any problem iOS, Safari「Add to Home Screen」
    When I published playcanvas project, I try “Add to Home Screen” on iOS safari, because become fullscreen and looks like native application.
    But,if I use that action, load time is longer than web Access,and Occasionally texture is not apply.

Do you know anything about this problem?