Developer Tips & Tricks

I hope everyone will share their tips and tricks in this thread. Personally I don’t know many tricks, but the ones I know help me immensely:

  • You can speed up the Playcanvas Editor responsiveness by using a separate browser without all of your normal plugins/extensions slowing the browser down. I recommend the Chrome Beta browser. Try New Features with Google Chrome Beta - Google Chrome

  • You can quickly expand a lot of identical nested hierarchy items by using the free Playcanvas Editor Extension for Chrome.
    Just search for an entity name that is inside all of the nested groups that you want to be expanded using the extension searchbar and click the Go button.
    This search also lets you quickly select multiple entities based on the search criteria. You often can’t do this in one go with the native hierarchy if the entities have parent entities that are not in the search results.
    The extension also has a lot of additional features which you can find in the following thread. FREE: PlayCanvas Editor Extension v1.4.3

  • You can quickly collapse all expanded hierarchy items by refreshing the editor tab in your browser.

  • While many changes you make in the editor can be previewed live in a launched tab, whenever you make changes to a script, you need to save the script and reload the launched tab to see the changes live.

  • After you’ve imported models and textures, PlayCanvas often creates its own versions of these assets. You can then delete the original models and textures from the PlayCanvas assets to reduce clutter and project size.

  • The best way to debug a code problem, if you can, is to create a new project to reproduce the problem in the simplest implementation possible. Once you have this demo of the problem, posting it on the forum makes it much easier for others to help you as well.

Unless you use swap feature for live hot-reloading.

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