Developer for Unbelievable project


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I create a new stunning (unique and powerful, useful and beauty) web project which can become the most attractive and world-known PlayCanvas for web-sites and e-commerce. All 3D models and materials will create my colleague. But we are far from the "modern 3D engines coding”. I need the PlayCanvas 3D Engine coding professional to make for my own project the multi-functional web 3D viewer-configurator based on code and 3D effects. I already have many great new ideas how to implement it best-of-the-best.

  • Because I create an unique project I ask to keep confidentiality before project will be released and don’t share my ideas with anyone and don’t use my ideas at another projects.
  • First working result can be made enough fast, for 2-4 weeks of unhurried coding. Later add new functions step-by-step.
  • Because I leaving at poor country and for now only spend money, but not earn, I can pay only a low-to-moderate fee for your work. But as a honest person I can add a huge bonus after project will get some income.
  • Also because of project uniqueness and potentially very high popularity - I hope that later I will able to offer you a constant salary! If you want you can be a constant project developer with some later % of income.
  • Just working with and be the part of a such unique project - it’s already a very good award and also can later bring to you many new clients!


  • Enough experience with PlayCanvas to work with dynamic custom objects creation and custom VFX.
  • Enough IQ to work with mathematics and trigonometry at later project stages.
  • High-quality confirmed jobs at portfolio.
  • Active responsible work.

Please, help to make my project flawless! And you will be very-very rewarded!

You may want to change the title from ‘Unreal’ as that can be confused with Unreal the engine

This is intentional :wink: OK, let’s make all easy.