[DEV CONSOLE TOOL] What assets are loaded? + VRAM breakdown

This is a little script I use to look at what assets are currently loaded in the scene and what the file size + VRAM is. Posting here if anyone finds it useful for their own debugging.

loadedAssets([ filter() ]) Show all assets currently loaded. Filter is optional.
loadedAssetsOnlyVRAM([ minSize ]) Show only assets with VRAM (no materials, shaders, etc). minSize is for minimum VRAM bytes and is optional.
loadedAssetsOnlyBigVRAM() Basically loadedAssetsOnlyVRAM() with a minSize of 3MB

loadedAssets() (All loaded assets)
loadedAssets(asset => asset.type === 'texture') (Assets of type texture)
loadedAssetsOnlyVRAM() (Assets with VRAM)
loadedAssetsOnlyVRAM(10000000) (Assets with VRAM 10 MB and greater)
loadedAssetsOnlyBigVRAM() (Assets with VRAM 3 MB and greater)

Paste this into a script or directly into the dev console on any PlayCanvas project

function formatBytes(a,b=2){if(0===a)return"0 Bytes";const c=0>b?0:b,d=Math.floor(Math.log(a)/Math.log(1024));return parseFloat((a/Math.pow(1024,d)).toFixed(c))+" "+["Bytes","KB","MB","GB","TB","PB","EB","ZB","YB"][d];}
var asset={};var cs = { stat: 'background:#555;color:white;padding:.2em;border-radius:3px;', stat2: 'background:#333;color:white;padding:.2em;border-radius:3px;', stat3: 'background:#888;color:#222;padding:.2em;border-radius:3px;', };
function loadedAssets(e){asset={};for(let [k,s] of Object.entries(pc.Application.getApplication().assets.filter(function(s){return s.loaded&&(!e||e(s));}))){console.log("%c"+k+'\t'+s.name+" %c"+s.type+"%c %c"+(s.file&&s.file.size?formatBytes(s.file.size):"")+"%c %c"+(s.resource&&s.resource._gpuSize?formatBytes(s.resource._gpuSize):""),"",cs.stat2,"",cs.stat,"",cs.stat3);asset[k]=asset[s.name]=s;}}
function loadedAssetsOnlyVRAM(e){loadedAssets(function(s){return s.resource&&s.resource._gpuSize&&s.resource._gpuSize>=(e||0);});}
function loadedAssetsOnlyBigVRAM(){loadedAssetsOnlyVRAM(3e6);}

Output shows [reference number] [filename] [asset type] [asset size] [asset VRAM]
The asset object can be quickly viewed using the asset object via either the “reference number” or the asset name, ie asset[38] or asset['Asset Name.png']

Works with production PlayCanvas projects too, here it is running on the Polaris configurator.


Many thanks for sharing @Chris!

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Would you mind if I added this to my devtools? :slight_smile:


Go right ahead!

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