Determine if Plane is seen by Camera


Is there a way to check if plane faces are visible to camera?


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I think the topic below can help you. :point_down:

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returns true even if the plane faces are not visible to the camera.
I need to determine when the faces are not visible.

Can you describe why is it not visible? Is it outside of camera frustum? If so, then that method should work. If it is within the frustum, then you have to come up with a logic that defines if it is visible or not.

I just have a plane that I’m rotating, and I want to know from the code if it is visible or not.

Sorry, not opening random links, but if you want to know if the plane is rotated towards the camera, you can use a dot product of the camera view direction and the plane direction. If the value is negative, the plane is rotated towards the camera.


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