Detecting if device is not powerful enough to run playcanvas


Is it possible to detect whether a device is powerful enough to run a playcanvas application in the web browser or not?

Using playcanvas embedded as an iframe as a customiser and would like to be able to not show it if the users device will not run the application acceptably.



I’m a newbie so this may not be useful, but it would seem to me that you could have code that runs in a .update function that measures the time between frames. You would perhaps place this test in an opening animation and if the delta time crosses some threshold you issue a warning that his device may not be powerful enough and give then give the user to option to continue or abort. The trick would be to have some opener that stresses the system adequately in ways(s) similar to what your game will do.

Anyway - just a thought - and not a particularly educated one …

Try the following:

if (window.WebGLRenderingContext) {