Detect language from browser

Hello, is it possible to detect the language from browser in Playcanvas? How do i do that?

You will have to get the information from the browser.

Alternatively, you allows the user to change the language in the game as an in game option.

@yaustar yes i already have that option at game start, but i wanted to make it automatic.

I use this code for make it automatic:

var language= 1; // 1-english 2-spanish 3-deutsche
var ln = window.navigator.language||navigator.browserLanguage; //detects the browser language
if (ln[0]+ln[1]==='es') {language=2;}
    else { if (ln[0]+ln[1]==='en'){language=1;}
         else {if (ln[0]+ln[1]==='de') {language=3;}
              else {language=1; }

and depending on the value of the variable “language” a content is loaded or another content is loaded, being able to create a button to change the language dynamically.

here’s the project where I use it:

IP will give you location but not language. Someone may be English speaking but in a foreign country and visa vesa.