Desktop game editor


Hi guys. Currently working on my own game editor to arrange my levels etc. Did a prototype and now got the game engine running in electron angular :smiley: Dont want to make any hopes on releasing this soon (sry), because im very busy with my bachelor and work. :neutral_face:

Any feedback on the prototype is appreciated


Current Progress:

I hope the playcanvas team will add the physics to npm soon :grin:


looks amazing lol soon Iā€™m creating my own custom coding language to support what I want it to do


Cool!!! Also, @Marquise_Edwards, what are you gonna name your language?

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Opensource it if you dont have much time to develop this project.
Playcanvas editor is awesome tool but it lack of some features like editor extension api. Custom editor is great idea and iā€™d like to contribute to it if you will release it as opensource product.


i dont feel comfortable enough right now to make it open source :sweat_smile: But it will happen soon, when the code is not spaghetti anymore. I guess next january maybe, when the base features are done.

Here another update: