Designer and audio artist required for a simple ball game

I need a designer and audio artist for a simple ball game I developed. Here it is:

Use directional keys left and right, and press R to reset.

As I said its a simple ball game, so I’m not looking for anything extra-ordinary. You can even copy paste designs from the internet as long as its legally okay.

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Looks like the Pack you linked to doesn’t run at the moment.

Usually I’ll publish a build when I want to link to it. There are two advantages:

  1. The code is fixed. Changes I make later on won’t break that build/link.
  2. It’s public. Visitors don’t have to be signed in to see the build.

Sorry about that. Edited the post.

Hi, I’m a sound designer/composer and I’m interested. Do you still need an audio artist?
Thank you

Hello Lucarium,

Thanks for your response. Have you seen the game demo?

I’ll be needing a background theme/music for the game and short sound clips (such as when the ball collides with different objects). I’ll also be needing a graphic designer, so if you know one please refer them to me.


yes, I’ve just watched and played a little bit. Actually I’m not able to play (I don’t know the controls) but it’s ok:
what kind of music do you need? Length? And how many sounds do you need?

You can control the active ball using left and right directional keys. The theme and length of music is up to you. You know the kind of theme music pinball like games generally have. I’ll need one theme sound and some sound effects for collision with different objects (depending on the material).

Ok, you mean something like this?

Yeah that’s a good theme, what about the sound effects?

Do you know any graphic designers?

Wait. is there a way to talk more direct? This is my e mail: