Deprecated error with tween.js

Tween.js - Playcanvas spam “playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:72409 DEPRECATED: pc.GraphNode#_dirtify is deprecated. Use pc.GraphNode#_dirtifyLocal or _dirtifyWorld respectively instead.”

Hello, @Toan_Nguyen_Xuan

You are using an old version of Tween.js. Please, use a newer one from:

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Hi sir, i’m using this version.

Are you absolutely sure about it? The error that you showed in the screenshot shows that the cause of the error is the call of _dirtify() method of a graph node. If it is coming from Tween.js, then that method was used there long time ago. I think 3 years ago. It was then updated and should since use a new _dirtifyLocal() method instead.

Please, remove the current tween.js from your project, download the new one from the github and replace it in the project.


thank you so much, sir

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