Demoscene : My entry for Revison 2023 PC demo compo


I am into the demoscene. Every year I go to the biggest demoparty : Revision, but this year is the first time I participated by submitting my entry to the PC demo competition.
thanks everyone for answering most of my questions ("@yasutar" ) :slight_smile: and thus allowing me to finish this demo. And other people for sharing their knowledge and the stuff they made here.

You can watch it here along with the rest of the awesome compos :

And run it here :

this is the “party version” it means this is how I submitted it before the deadline. I plan to make a little more elaborated version later.


That’s interesting, thanks for sharing! Didn’t realise there was a demo scene for JS :eyes:

There are awesome Webgl / Js demo , Lately I have seen most of them made with

Here some nice one I like ( but there are literally hundreds others) :

very cool